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Linear Guideway - Trouble Shooting

Failure Mode

The flaking is one of the typical fatigue failure mode. Surface presented with cracks, the developme ...More

   Root causeImproper guideway size selection, excessive load, poor lubrication, foreign contamination and particle invasion.
Failure Mode
Rust and corrosion

While the lubrication grease or oil film on the rail surface been worn out. Then the gradual oxidati ...More

   Root causePoor lubrication and maintenance, coolant invasion, high-humidity environment.
Failure Mode
Water or coolant invasion

When water or coolant invades the guideway , lubrication and anti-rust protection will deteriorate. ...More

   Root causeWater or coolant solution invasion, high humidity environment.
Failure Mode

Due to the rotation elements’ insufficient lubrication, then friction generates over heating. The gu ...More

   Root causePoor lubrication, excessive load.
Failure Mode

The guideway under excessive load condition, leading to poor circulation movement of balls or roller ...More

   Root causeExcessive external impact force, poor circulation of balls and rollers.
Failure Mode
Denting or Fretting Corrosion

Micro-motion (short stroke) or vibration destroy the lubrication oil film between rollers or balls a ...More

   Root causeMicro-motion(short stroke), poor lubrication, excessive load.

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